Transportation to Sagres from Lagos

Guide to how to go from Lagos to Sagres by bus or car

Vamus bus 47 from Lagos to Sagres

The regional train line of the Algarve goes from Vila Real de Santo António in the east, by the border with Spain, to Lagos in the west, and while it stops at major and smaller towns in between, it doesn’t go all the way to the west coast, meaning Sagres. So the only way to go by public transportation from Lagos to Sagres (and its famous Cape St. Vincent) is by bus.

Sagres is located 30km (19 miles) from Lagos and is known for being “the end of the world” to ancient Europeans. Cape St. Vincent on the edge of town (and the southwestern tip of the European continent) is where Prince Henry the Navigator lived and planned his voyages. It’s quite a dramatic place in a breathtaking location, and there are some stunning and wild beaches nearby, which mostly attract surfers and naturists. Although it is a great place to stay for a few days, it’s also a popular day trip for those staying in Lagos. The two towns have completely different atmospheres, with Lagos being lively and Sagres quiet and even more relaxed.

By car, you get there in about 40 minutes, heading west on road N125 and then south on N268, following the directions to Vila do Bispo and Sagres. However, many tourists rely on public transportation, so it’s important to plan the bus journey. This bus is number 47, operated by the local Vamus company, and takes about 1 hour. In Lagos, you must buy the tickets at the ticket office. In Sagres, tickets are bought from the driver.

The bus stops in the center of Sagres. It’s the final stop on most of the services, except for a few (three times a day) that continue to Cape St. Vincent, about 10 minutes further down the coast.

There are about nine departures on weekdays and five on weekends. This depends on the season, and it’s more frequent in the summer. While departure times change rather frequently, the first one of the day is usually at 7am. The return from Sagres to Lagos is at 6:30pm. Always confirm the times at the bus station in Lagos before departure, or on the Vamus website. The bus station is within walking distance of the Old Town, in a central location by Avenida dos Descobrimentos, the avenue on the waterfront.